Vehicle Tracking

Whether you have 5 or 5,000 vehicles, with MESH Telematics you will see a reduction in costs and an increase in productivity. With all tracking devices you get 24/7 access to the live location of your vehicles, journey replay, driving insights, geofences and crash notifications; so that you have complete visibility to improve fleet and driver management.

Over 20 years of telematics and IOT device development

Self Installed Tracking

Perfect for insurance purposes, first time drivers, private tracking, taxi companies and small or ever changing fleets

Small, smart and waterproof, you can self install this device in less than 5 minutes, With built in accelerometer you will be notified in the case of an incident. Access live trip data and history, ensure green driving, receive unplug alerts and more.

OBD Tracking

Perfect for vehicle rentals, fleet management of SME's, private tracking and businesses needing driving hours

Quick and easy to deploy, we supply a range of plug and play OBD devices to meet your requirements. The devices offer crash detection, driver behaviour insights, idling and trip data, personalised geofences and more.

Hardwired Tracking

Perfect for insurance, fleets of any size and type, rental vehicles and transport vehicles with individual requirements

The hardwired tracker gives you the most data with multiple inputs and outputs available that extend device usage scenario, including integrating up to 8 vehicle cameras.

All of your data is captured in one unparalleled telematics system for efficient fleet operations and complete visibility

Live location

Journey History


Speeding alerts


Fuel monitoring

Private Vehicle Tracking

Track your personal or business vehicle choosing from a range of easy to install trackers that you can get up and running in less than 20 minutes. Giving you insights into your vehicle's location, mileage reports, crash notifications for insurance purposes and more.....

SME Tracking

Use your telematics data to review private vs. business miles, provide ETA's to improve customer service and to reduce fuel and maintenance costs through monitoring how your vehicles are being driven. Set virtual zones (geofences) so that you get notified when your vehicles leave or enter zones that matter to your business.....

Driver Identification

Mileage record for claims

Driver Scoring System

Route Optimisation

Driver Timesheets

Large Fleet Tracking

Make data driven decisions to efficiently run your professional operations business. Improve utilisation, monitor sensitive data such as the temperature of your goods in your vehicles and ensure compliance through installing up to 8 integrated cameras and sensors.....

Remote Tachograph

CAN bus data

Temperature monitoring

Fault code alerts

Fuel Efficiency

Insurance Tracking

Car accidents, crash for cash scams and thefts are the main reasons for insurance claims. With Real time tracking, driver monitoring and coaching, notifications of theft attempt, FNOL alerts along with Dash and multi camera footage we give you the tools to help reduce risk, identify scams, prove non-fault claims to settle insurance claims faster.

7 million

cases of vehicle and asset theft worldwide

Every 7 minutes

a vehicle is stolen in the UK, with a further 36% increase

170,000+ claims

linked to crash for cash scams in the UK annually

50/50 settlement basis

without camera footage or evidence both parties are liable

Crash detection

Get alerted instantly of any impact event across your fleet, underpinned by advanced GPS technology with 3-axis accelerometer detecting activity and enabling advanced reconstruction of the seconds leading up to and following the event.

Fully integrated platform that processes and presents your data from multiple sources in one user friendly platform

Connect and manage your fleet from anywhere in the world with our reliable telematics system, dashboard and support.

  • Intuitive, easy to use system for personal and professional use

  • Automated reports and alerts

  • Streamlined workflows for better productivity

  • Insurer-backed risk data reports

  • Organised data from multiple sources

  • Reduced logistical and operational challenges

Access your data anytime, anywhere

Our free mobile app gives you the power to track your vehicles, assets and belongings at your convenience.

  • Track in real time

  • See driving styles including speeding, idling and harsh braking

  • View video footage

  • Improve dispatch, customer service and routing

  • Monitor vehicle maintenance

  • Check the right tools are at the right jobs

  • Reduce fuel consumption

See how our customers have benefitted from vehicle tracking

Fleet Manager

We have seen a positive improvement in the driving styles across the fleet, drastically improving our fuel consumption, and reducing the collision rates

Logistics Operator

With MESH we have found a provider that always finds us the right solution, with a knowledgeable team that are always happy to help and visit us at site

Stock Manager

The trackers from MESH have helped me carry out my role a lot more efficiently. I always know where my stock is and how the machines are moving around the warehouse.

Operations Assistant

Thanks to our trackers and cameras we have avoided what could have been a costly claim. I haven't worked with a tracking company that have such a knowledgeable and friendly team

Every customer matters

At MESH we thrive on looking after our customers to build long term relationships built on trust, excellent customer care and through catering for every business's individual needs, providing a solution for every requirement.

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