MESH Telematics provide vehicle and asset tracking devices that can be professionally or self-installed. Our wide range of telematics hardware includes hard-wired, plug-in and battery-mounted telematics devices, along with integrated AI dash and multi camera options to cover every angle of your machine or vehicle.

Your all in one solution for operating an efficient and profitable fleet

Vehicle Tracking

Working with all sectors, we provide companies with accurate, unified data in one place, to manage and operate a cost efficient and safe fleet of drivers.

Asset Tracking

It is essential that plant operators protect their high valued assets and machinery, to see both their location and how they are being utilised.

Dash Cameras

Live view and artificial intelligence, we provide our customers with a camera range that helps combat non-fault claims and train drivers.

Track everything from your car to your power tools

From cost effective self installation devices to hardwired and battery tracking units that communicate with each other to connect you with your vehicles and your toolboxes when you are at the depot or working remotely.

Save time chasing on the phone and plan your routes, provide customers with ETA's and download driver timesheets at your convenience through an easy to use tracking platform and app.

Save costs through optimising your assets

Keep track of your assets and high valued equipment with location reports, journey reporting and auto message frequency.

Our range of long life battery powered asset trackers give you peace of mind over those assets that may not return to site for long periods of time and also help you manage planning and how you utilise your entire asset workforce.

Prevent business interruptions by coaching drivers

You will see a reduction in fuel costs, vehicle wear and tear, emissions and fleet insurance through monitoring and coaching high-risk drivers.

Using our intuitive ranking system you can easily pin point dangerous drivers and help coach them out of bad habits. Video footage from your dash-cam combined with your tracking data gives you 100% accurate and reliable information to help enforce safe and efficient driving.

Fully integrated platform that processes and presents your data from multiple sources in one user friendly platform

Connect and manage your fleet from anywhere in the world with our reliable telematics system, dashboard and support.

  • Intuitive, easy to use system for personal and professional use

  • Automated reports and alerts

  • Streamlined workflows for better productivity

  • Insurer-backed risk data reports

  • Organised data from multiple sources

  • Reduced logistical and operational challenges

Transform your business, combine and manage your operations in one place

Reduce fleet and business costs

Ensure compliance and safety

Identify and eliminate risks

Provide first class customer care

Utilise your workforce

Self-install tracking device

Perfect for insurance purposes, first time drivers, private tracking, taxi companies and small or ever changing fleets

Small, smart and waterproof, you can self install this device in less than 5 minutes, With built in accelerometer you will be notified in the case of an incident. Access live trip data and history, ensure green driving, receive unplug alerts and more.

Live location

Journey History


Speeding alerts


Access your data anytime, anywhere

Our free mobile app gives you the power to track your vehicles, assets and belongings at your convenience.

  • Track in real time

  • See driving styles including speeding, idling and harsh braking

  • View video footage

  • Improve dispatch, customer service and routing

  • Monitor vehicle maintenance

  • Check the right tools are at the right jobs

  • Reduce fuel consumption

Don't just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say!

HGV Fleet Manager

MESH fitted us in for installs at unsocial, but convenient times for us. The tracking devices are giving us the exact information we have needed and we are already seeing the benefits.

Project Manager

We are always seen to with MESH telematics, they are always at the end of the phone and promtly get back to us when we have requests, questions or require additional cameras.

Stock Manager

The trackers from MESH have helped me carry out my role a lot more efficiently. I always know where my stock is and how the machines are moving around the warehouse.

Operations Assistant

Thanks to our trackers and cameras we have avoided what could have been a costly claim. I haven't worked with a tracking company that have such a knowledgeable and friendly team

Every customer matters

At MESH we thrive on looking after our customers to build long term relationships built on trust, excellent customer care and through catering for every business's individual needs, providing a solution for every requirement.

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