Dash Cameras

Protect yourself, your business and drivers on the road with HD cameras. From front and rear dash cams with Artificial intelligence to 8 integrated cameras installed around your vehicles you are armed with footage that allows you to better manage insurance claims, risky driving, compliance, site health and safety and your business's reputation. 

Protect your fleet and drivers with HD vehicle and asset cameras

Dash Camera

Your dash cam gives you clear HD footage of everything that is going on ahead of you whilst you are driving. When you need that important footage, you don't need to take your vehicle off the road, as you can easily remotely download it, no matter where you are, and don't forget, we're here to support you.

Dual Camera

In addition to your dash cam, you can install an AI in-cab/ driver facing camera, with the option of audio capture. Protect your drivers through proving non-fault claims and implement coaching to those that are presenting high risk driving habits such as using their phones, loosing concentration or falling asleep at the wheel.

Multi Camera

Eliminate blind spots, ensure compliance and conform with health and safety regulations by installing up to 8 high definition cameras and sensors installed around your vehicle or asset. With AI you can also be notified of any high-risk driving styles and behaviours with the video footage instantly sent to your inbox. 

Our experienced team of camera specialists are ready to help you build a solution to meet your requirements and industry standards

See what your drivers see, no matter where they are with remote video download and live streaming

Clear High Definition 

Discreet Tamper-proof installation

Weather & Night modes

Optional audio recording

Over a month of footage stored

Panic button video download

Install your eyewitness

Dash cam footage puts you in the driver seat, giving you a clear view of events, with footage captured leading up to and after the event, so that you can better understand what happened and submit video evidence to your insurers.

Artificial Intelligence gives you real time smart alerts from your front facing dash camera and internal cab/ driver facing cameras so that you can monitor unsafe driving such as using a mobile phone, not wearing a seatbelt or falling asleep whilst driving.

Our unified telematics and camera footage platform gives you the most data from your fleet with maximum consistency in order to coach drivers out of bad driving habits. 

Coach and prevent your drivers being the cause of accidents with MESH AI Cameras, contact us for more information.

Operate on site, safely

Install up to 8 cameras around your machinery and assets with integrated screens that allow your operators to monitor their surroundings whilst they are working, and view what would otherwise be blind spots.

Assured Safety and Compliance

Reduced insurance claims 

Fraud elimination and driver protection

Blind spot coverage and proximity sensors

Improved driving behaviours and standards

On demand cloud stored video footage

Reverse Cameras

Give your drivers extra awareness when maneuvering. Professionally install a wide angle reverse camera to your pride and joy or fleet so that you can always operate safely by covering those blind spots,  avoiding damage to your vehicle and keeping pedestrians safe.

Receive FNOL alerts if you are involved in a crash

First Notification of Loss alerts (FNOL) instantly notifies you if one of your vehicles has lost power. When integrated with your telematics device, you have access to an immediate replay of data and footage so that you can provide a duty of care and have complete awareness over your vehicle or assets status. Being instantly notified allows you to call authorities and notify your insurers in a timely manner in the case of theft, collision or damage. 

 Capture crash for cash scams through your vehicle cameras, and prove non fault claims

150% increase 

in “induced collision” cases


170,000 claims

linked to crash for cash scams 


Birmingham, UK

being the main hotspots

bbc.co.uk / The Insurance Fraud Bureau 

£392 million

annual cost of these scams

The Insurance Fraud Bureau 

Reduced premium renewals

The time it takes to notify the insurer of a claim is extremely important. The quicker you pass your telematics data and camera footage on, gives your insurer more opportunity to control the costs of claims, which can result in a positive impact on your premium renewal. Read more about crash for cash scams here

Avoid unnecessary fines

Vehicles including HGV's and goods transport lorries legally have to conform to regulations across the globe, and in most instances this involves installing telematics with temperature and CAN data inputs along with integrated cameras to ensure safety of those operating around the vehicles and the handling of the goods being transported.

FORS, DVS, CLOCS, ELD and TFL are just some of the many compliances that road transport operators legally have to comply with in the UK alone. We provide our customers with free no-obligation quotes and consultancies on what they require to operate without being penalised. 

Managing your fleets compliance and health and safety regulations is made easy with a world class Telematics system; at MESH we have developed a solution so that you can monitor your fleet with access to your camera footage, CAN data, temperature and Tachograph data in one intuitive system. Receive notifications when your vehicles enter a Low Emissions Zone, Port, Racing Circuit or Toll road, view driver scoring and temperature ranges and plan your routes out in advance so that you are always efficient, compliant and safe.

See our range of Vehicle tracking devices here and our asset tracking range here

View footage within minutes of a crash or panic button request

Fully integrated platform that processes and presents your data in one user friendly platform

See how our customers have benefitted from dash and multi cameras

Fleet Manager

We have seen a positive improvement in the driving styles across the fleet, drastically improving our fuel consumption, and reducing the collision rates

Operations Director

I had multiple trackers and cameras from the vehicle manufacturers that MESH easily integrated into their system. This has saved us massive amounts of money and time that I couldn't take the lorries off the road for installations.

Project Manager

We are always seen to with MESH telematics, they are always at the end of the phone and promtly get back to us when we have requests, questions or require additional cameras.

Operations Assistant

Thanks to our trackers and cameras we have avoided what could have been a costly claim. I haven't worked with a tracking company that have such a knowledgeable and friendly team

Every customer matters

At MESH we thrive on looking after our customers to build long term relationships built on trust, excellent customer care and through catering for every business's individual needs, providing a solution for every requirement. 

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