Asset Tracking

With hardwired and battery asset tracking devices available we help you secure everything from small unpowered assets to large fleets of heavy duty plant machinery. You can now view all of your vehicles and assets alongside each other through one login, so that you can easily manage your entire fleet.

Sophisticated technology and data locating and measuring the efficiency of your fleet

Battery Tracker

Whether you need to track valuable assets being transported on cargo across the globe, or your machinery on your farm or construction site, we offer a range of IP rated battery powered trackers to give you complete visibility and security so that you always know where your assets are, and even get alerted if they make any unauthorised movements.

Trailer Tracker

Giving you the ability to locate all of your trailers, at any time no matter where they are. Be assured that your assets are where they should be and improve planning to optimise your entire fleet and how you utilise it. You won't need to worry about wiring your device anywhere, as our trailer trackers are battery powered so those isolated, non-powered units are always being tracked.

Hardwired Tracker

Have the control over your assets and when they are being used with the power to immobilise them remotely. With complete visibility, our hardwired asset devices support multiple inputs and outputs to measure peripheral asset activities through PTO (Power Take Off) showing you in depth data such as when beacons are being activated or deactivated.

All of your data is captured in one unparalleled telematics system for efficient asset utilisation and complete visibility

Frequent location updates

Activity and journey playback

Movement detection

Remote immobilisation

Low battery alerts

Full coverage with roaming SIM

Always know where your assets are

Make locating your assets a quick and easy job. View your entire fleet via one powerful tracking system and mobile app that allows you to track more than just your location with engine hours, maintenance reports and other machine specific data available.

Improve utilisation

Having the right equipment at the right place is important, so that you can stick to deadlines, keep customers happy and improve cost analysis for future projects. With complete visibility of your asset workforce you can quickly locate and manage project critical equipment, making sure that they aren't just sat idle most of the day along with reviewing when they enter and leave a location, and what they do alongside fuel usage throughout the day.

Bluetooth tracking

Keep an 'EYE' on your assets, lone workers and equipment

Discover our new Bluetooth beacon, robust casing with a long life-time battery. Easy configuration and integration to save precious time, resources, and improve profitability.

Frequent location updates

Small and discreet

Up to 10 years battery life

Waterproof casing

Robust, a perfect all rounder

Better security and peace of mind

With 24/7 visibility and daily updates you will always know the location of your belongings. Battery and movement alerts notify you if your trackers are being tampered with, giving you a better chance of reducing damage and aiding in the speed that your assets are recovered. Set up Geofence alerts so that you are notified if your assets leave or enter an area.

Geofence alerts

Temperature monitoring

Maintenance schedules

Light and tilt sensors

Battery alerts

Reduce costs

Give your team the insights they need to spend less time trying to find assets and un-efficiently planning. Through maintaining your assets health to reducing theft and loss rates, MESH telematics provide battery, hardwired and bluetooth tracking devices to keep you connected and notified on your assets' status.

Maintenance alerts

Idle and running times

Monitor Fuel usage

Track tools alongside assets

Stock check assets location

Theft rates are on the rise!

Telematics plays a key role in the notification and recovery of stolen vehicles and assets across the globe. With a tremendous increase in theft since the pandemic, a surge of people and companies have resorted to tracking for peace of mind and protection.


stolen cars in the UK in 2021

This is money

81% increase

in van thefts

£800 million

construction site theft annually

BFM Magazine

51% of tradesmen

are victims of tool theft

Stolen Vehicles and Assets

At MESH telematics we offer our customers with a SVR or secondary tracking devices for extra protection in the case of theft. With nearly a decade working alongside insurance brokers and recovering stolen assets, we have found the ultimate solution that protects you along with simplifying any claims processes by providing the data that is needed for police to track down stolen assets, and proof of vandalism through theft for your insurers.

Our experience

"With over a decade of experience recovering stolen vehicles and assets at a nearly 100% success rate, I have seen the impact a loss can make on a business or a person. Since the pandemic theft rates have been on the rise, with everyone at risk, the best way to protect yourself is through ensuring you have tracking installed to notify you as soon as possible. We have a range of devices available to suit every need"

Fully integrated platform that processes and presents your data from multiple sources in one user friendly platform

Connect and manage your fleet from anywhere in the world with our reliable telematics system, dashboard and support.

  • Intuitive, easy to use system for personal and professional use

  • Automated reports and alerts

  • Streamlined workflows for better productivity

  • Insurer-backed risk data reports

  • Organised data from multiple sources

  • Reduced logistical and operational challenges

See how our customers have benefitted from tracking their assets

Site Supervisor

I was concerned about the safety at site as we are growing with more machines working I wanted to make sure my staff were always safe and visible, the cameras MESH have provided are great quality and give the operators extra assurance and visibility around them.

Operations Director

I had multiple trackers and cameras from the vehicle manufacturers that MESH easily integrated into their system. This has saved us massive amounts of money and time that I couldn't take the lorries off the road for installations.

Stock Manager

The trackers from MESH have helped me carry out my role a lot more efficiently. I always know where my stock is and how the machines are moving around the warehouse.

Project Manager

We are always seen to with MESH telematics, they are always at the end of the phone and promtly get back to us when we have requests, questions or require additional cameras.

Every customer matters

At MESH we thrive on looking after our customers to build long term relationships built on trust, excellent customer care and through catering for every business's individual needs, providing a solution for every requirement.

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