BLE Tracking

MESH BLE tracking is a small, waterproof and robust wireless tracker that communicates the location of people and assets such as your tools, skips, bins, traffic lights and other high-value items like motorbikes, E-bikes, Quads and agricultural equipment. These Bluetooth tracking devices are easy to use and require no expert engineer to install.

(but don't worry, we're at the end of the phone to help with set-up, install and manage if you need!)

Keep track of all your assets

Waste & Construction

Combined with your vehicle telematics, BLE tracking provides you with valuable insights for better monitoring, management and operation of your Skip hire or waste management services. Receive an update whenever your assets are on the move, set area alerts to prove job completion and save money on replacing forgotten assets.

Logistics, Indoor & Goods

BLE tracking is seamlessly integrated with your hardwired tracking for easier management no matter their location (indoors or out) across the globe. Giving you insights into the temperature of your goods, individual movement updates, item crash, tarmac events, indoor positioning and more.

Agriculture & Heavy Duty

Keep track of all of your non-powered machinery and tools, configured exactly to your needs, whether that be harvest area or time, grain volume, jamming detection, immobilisation, un-recognised movements or if your machines are being operated in dangerous conditions along with areas that can be more efficient to save money.

How does BLE Tracking work?

Our small BLE trackers can be attached to anything. Unlike traditional GPS tracking, they send radio signals, which communicate with a receiving device within range, which sends the location data to a secure server (MESH). This data will then be presented in an intuitive dashboard within your account, alongside all of your other tracking and camera outputs, making fleet and asset management easy and efficient.

  • Easy to set up and use (mobile app or via desktop)

  • Up to 10 years of battery life (configuration dependant)

  • Robust and Waterproof

  • Custom protocols, suitable for any application that you need

  • Small in size, yet robust, making it an all-rounder

Use Cases:

Manage people and assets in dangerous areas

Monitor traffic through access points

Monitor environmental conditions

Logistic's organisation such as deliveries

Monitor the use of facility devices and equipment

Proof of job completion and work done

Management System

Having visibility and recorded data allows you to run an inventory on the location of your assets to improve your business' utilisation and save on replacements and repeat costs. Additionally, data can be used to monitor time at a location, helping you invoice accordingly, and better plan for future project management.

Theft rates are on the rise!

Telematics plays a key role in the notification and recovery of stolen vehicles and assets across the globe. With an increase in theft since the pandemic, a surge of people and companies have resorted to BLE tracking as a secondary, discreet location tool.


stolen cars in the UK in 2021

This is money

81% increase

in van thefts

£800 million

construction site theft annually

BFM Magazine

51% of tradesmen

are victims of tool theft

Our experience

"With over a decade of experience recovering stolen vehicles and assets at a nearly 100% success rate, I have seen the impact a loss can make on a business or a person. Since the pandemic theft rates have been on the rise, with everyone at risk, the best way to protect yourself is by ensuring you have tracking installed to notify you as soon as possible. We have a range of devices available to suit any vehicle or asset"

Fully integrated platform that processes and presents your data from multiple sources in one user friendly platform

Connect and manage your fleet from anywhere in the world with our reliable telematics system, dashboard and support.

  • Intuitive, easy to use system for personal and professional use

  • Automated reports and alerts

  • Streamlined workflows for better productivity

  • Insurer-backed risk data reports

  • Organised data from multiple sources for better management

  • Reduced logistical and operational challenges

See how our customers have benefitted from BLE Tracking

Site Manager

Risk Manager

Stock Manager

Logistics Expert

Every customer matters

At MESH we thrive on looking after our customers to build long term relationships built on trust, excellent customer care and through catering for every business's individual needs, providing a solution for every requirement.

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