Connected Fleet

Telematics & IOT software driving the nation's most efficient operations

Through a single data agnostic log-in MESH telematics connects you to your vehicles and assets. We utilise your current tracking devices and OEM data giving you actionable data and insights to make better business decisions in real-time, maximise fleet operations, reduce downtime, fleet costs, improve safety standards and prove non-fault claims.

Leading the way with advanced tools for professional management of your entire workforce

Over 50 years of combined telematics & IOT experience

Customer service that care and react to everyday needs

Single log-in to access all your data from any provider

Over a two decades recovering stolen assets

Fully integrated platform that processes and presents your data from multiple sources in one user friendly platform

Connect and manage your fleet from anywhere in the world with our reliable telematics system, dashboard and support.

  • Intuitive, easy to use system for personal and professional use

  • Automated reports and alerts

  • Streamlined workflows for better productivity

  • Insurer-backed risk data reports

  • Organised data from multiple sources

  • Reduced logistical and operational challenges

With a single click access data from your car or van to your excavator and toolbox

50+ years of combined Telematics expertise working within every industry

Vehicle and Asset Tracking is the number one choice for businesses that need:

Improved customer service

Complete visibility

Assured safety and compliance

Reduced insurance claims

Efficient fleet operations

Every customer matters

At MESH we thrive on looking after our customers to build long term relationships built on trust, excellent customer care and through catering for every business's individual needs, providing a solution for every requirement.

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Don't just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say!

Fleet Manager

We have seen a positive improvement in the driving styles across the fleet, drastically improving our fuel consumption, and reducing the collision rates

Logistics Operator

With MESH we have found a provider that always finds us the right solution, with a knowledgeable team that are always happy to help and visit us at site

Site Supervisor

I was concerned about the safety at site as we are growing with more machines working I wanted to make sure my staff were always safe and visible, the cameras MESH have provided are great quality and give the operators extra assurance and visibility around them.

Operations Director

I had multiple trackers and cameras from the vehicle manufacturers that MESH easily integrated into their system. This has saved us massive amounts of money and time that I couldn't take the lorries off the road for installations.